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Women's Thursday Bible Study
We will continue all summer to meet at Magnolia's at 11 am and hear the bible taught by Brad Bird of Market-life Ministries.  Please join us as we also eat great southern cooking from the lunch buffet for $10 per person and meet in the private room upstairs.

Medical team to Leave for Rwanda
Starting July 22nd, members of the Myrtle Beach mission team will be leaving to converge in Kigali, Rwanda to continue the process of building a medical presence at the dream center.  We have already purchased the land for the clinic and have over $100,000 donated towards our need of $1,250,000 for the completion of the clinic.

Farming and Irrigation for Rwanda
Additional team members are taking part in training villagers to farm and are helping them map out and build irrigation channels to have a healthy farming system. 

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Brad Bird and his ministry will be starting a Wednesday night bible study in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Please check out their website for additional information.

Raising Money for ANLM
Please pray about how God would have you participate with this ministry.  Pastor Charles and his team just celebrated 10 years for ANLM.  Scott and I are so impressed with how efficient this ministry is with the dollar and how anointed this ministry is.  We have seen the miracle of the fish and loaves before our eyes with this team.  Matthew 14:16-21

Pamela's Blog

She will be keeping us all up to speed on the ministries activities.

Pamela Pyle Myrtle Beach, Pamela Prince Pyle Myrtle Beach

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