Till ALL Have Heard!

Street children at the Dream Center, this is where we are raising money, $1,250,000 to build a clinic that will provide health care for these children.  They currently have no real care and are dying from the common tooth infection, cut on the foot, to illnesses such as pneumonia.  This clinic is greatly needed.  We have already purchased the land.

One of the ministries God has broken our heart for is Africa New Life Ministry and the children God has given us to care for.  There are over 7000 children living on the streets of Kigali, Rwanda and we have over 3500 sponsored children for $39 per month.  91% of that $38 goes directly to feeding them, delivering a Christ centered education with healthcare while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are about 5500 more children on the streets that go without that we are trying to get sponsored.  I want to thank all the people from Myrtle Beach, SC to San Diego, CA who are supporting these children, God Bless You, Pamela Pyle

Pamela Pyle Myrtle Beach, Pamela Prince Pyle Myrtle Beach

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